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Yes, this is the top 1 site on the sex doll market. I would like to wait a few months before giving an opinion on this product. Overall, he met and exceeded my expectations as a first doll owner. The seals are holding up well, nothing has come loose or damaged so far. At the beginning, I brought the doll because there was a person who lived with me for many years, and it was the first time I lived alone, so I bought it to play with.

Is Safe ?

Yes, it is safe to buy sex dolls from this vendor. The most beautiful sex dolls ever made for a seamless shopping experience. Even though I only recently discovered sex dolls, I’ve placed several orders with different sellers and this one is the best seller in my opinion! ! Very pleased with the service, the communication was fast and excellent. The doll looks exactly like the picture and looks very realistic. Doll is detailed from head to toe. The head is exquisite and the facial features are exquisite. Great purchase.

Is Safe ?

Yes, it’s safe to order from this site. my favorite! my God! This is unbelievably realistic. She was everything I hoped for and more. One of the best dolls I have ever owned; she is the perfect size for me. Oh, and yellow boobs are the best. I am a very happy buyer. Great product and good service! You provided a lot of very helpful information during the inevitable wait. They make it more of an event than just a purchase. Good continuation and good luck to the whole team!

Is Safe ?

Yes, it is safe and everything is as promised. Dolls are really cool! It looks exactly like the pictures in the store. The only surprising thing is the weight of the doll. When I placed the order, I knew it was about 40kg, but the actual situation still surprised me. I weigh 90kg myself and the weight of the doll is not a big problem for me. Now I understand that some friends do not recommend buying dolls weighing more than 30 catties. Overall, I am a satisfied customer!

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Yes, I am very pleased with the service. Amazing doll! The doll arrived much earlier than expected and is in perfect condition. She is very realistic and charming, and the avatar is just as good. Even though these dolls are quiet, heatless, and soulless, they look and feel great, snot-free and ready to be fucked. I use mine to train a bit later, not “go crazy” too quickly, and use condoms better.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, the vendor is legit! Great shopping experience! The site is easy to use, easy to order and easy to customize. Great people doing their jobs! Staff are always on call and responsive. The folks on this site went out of their way when my order was held up by restrictions and delays. They responded quickly and everything arrived as ordered! The smooth process makes ordering a pleasure. I would say this is definitely a great place for sex dolls! ! If you are looking for a reliable seller, go for it! review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, this is an excellent vendor that you can trust. Great doll for all your needs. It’s perfect for me, and while it’s a bit heavy (just use it as a workout routine), the shape and size of the “asset” makes it very comfortable and fun to cuddle, sleep in, and of course have fun with. Also, the support was very professional in answering all my questions and resolving some issues that occurred in record time.

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Yes, customer service is excellent! great! I read the reviews before buying, and most of them said that it is high quality and low price, which is not wrong! If you’re looking to buy a doll, she’s the right size and height. One problem is that I ordered the tan doll skin because the photo warns that it is a bit darker than the picture shows. Of course, this may be affected by the monitor, which is my preference. If you buy this doll, you will have a lot of fun! review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, I would say this is a trusted vendor. She is perfect! Top notch service! This doll is fun to pose and play with when she’s a little bit loaded. The only thing I would warn people about is to check the height chart and be able to move weight like that easily, otherwise it’s hard to do much other than adjust it. Otherwise, these things are well designed and definitely worth the money and time spent on the product.

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Yes, highly recommend this site to all of you! It was a great trip! From the beginning, the wonderful staff on site took me through the process of choosing the best doll for me. I am very satisfied with the help and advice given to me by the team. They went out of their way to advise me and help me in any way they could. Thank you so much! Superb product, shipped with absolute care! The doll is so cute, even better than the picture! I like it! !